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Solutions to Common Survey Mistakes

6 Solutions to Common Survey Mistakes

In our last post we discussed different survey mistakes, now we provide some solutions to these common survey mistakes! Please note that it is always important to consider organizational and evaluation goals when creating surveys. Know that these are simply a few of the ways to avoid common survey mistakes. Mistake #1: Using All Qualitative […]

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Avoid These Common Survey Mistakes

6 Common Survey Mistakes

Surveys are an excellent source of information that help organizations understand the communities they serve. Unfortunately, not all surveys generate quality data due to common survey mistakes and ineffective survey designs. Here are 6 survey mistakes that organizations commonly make: Mistake #1: Using All Qualitative or All Quantitative Questions Using all qualitative or quantitative survey

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Understand the 5 common data myths to improve your organization's data decision-making

5 Common Data Myths

Becoming a data-driven organization is an exciting opportunity for your organization to improve its operations and functionality. However, some data myths can skew results, impact conclusions, and interfere with next steps for your organization. Understanding these data myths can help ensure you are making data-informed decisions. Here is a breakdown of the common data myths:

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When to Hire an External Evaluator – A Checklist!

  The Decision Should your organization hire an external evaluator or evaluation firm? The answer is that it depends.   When to Work with Internal Staff Some nonprofits are poised to conduct evaluation internally. These organizations have qualified staff who know how to conduct evaluations, design surveys, collect data, analyze findings, and report results. Often,

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