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Demystifying Research and Evaluation

I am a researcher, evaluator, and consultant trained in the academic world. I spent years of my life learning the language of research and evaluation, and I’ve read through more empirical studies and manuscripts than I can recall.

The purpose of this blog is to demystify various research and evaluation topics and findings. These blog posts are meant to be as straightforward and useful as possible… after all, life is already complex! Knowledge is pointless if it is buried beneath countless words.

I want to invite you to join the world of researchers and evaluators. Each blog post will present key information, tips, or data from a book, study, or question posed by my readers. These entries are not intended to replace the original source of information, but rather focus on content that I believe would benefit my readers.

Think of me as your guide and translator through this overly complex field. Let’s travel this road together!

Feel free to contact me with any research and evaluation questions or needs at

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