Avoid These Common Survey Mistakes

6 Common Survey Mistakes

Surveys are an excellent source of information that help organizations understand the communities they serve. Unfortunately, not all surveys generate quality data due to common survey mistakes and ineffective survey designs. Here are 6 survey mistakes that organizations commonly make: Mistake #1: Using All Qualitative or All Quantitative Questions Using all qualitative or quantitative survey …

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How to Become a Data Driven Organization

How to Become a Data-Driven Organization

If it feels like everyone uses the term “data-driven organization”, you would be right! In the last thirty years, technology has rapidly increased and evolved, bringing data processes and systems along. In the world today, “the business of data” is rapidly becoming a new sector of the economy worldwide (Press, 2020). Clearly, data-driven organizations are …

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6 Benefits of Evaluation

Evaluation is a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations. In fact, evaluation is the “secret sauce” that differentiates organizations that thrive versus those that only survive. Additionally, evaluation can be a catalyst for positive change. For example, REC worked with a client for three years. At first, there were some reservations about data and using evaluation. …

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