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Article Credibility Checklist

Article Credibility Checklist

After writing my last blog post, I realized it may still be challenging to determine which online articles represent fact or fluff. So, I created an article credibility checklist! Use this tool to measure the credibility of articles that discuss findings from research studies. This tool will help you distinguish between trusted and poor-quality sources […]

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Identifying Quality Information in a Quantity World

When I first began college, I thought that most of the information I found online was credible – especially when the author described findings from a research study. I assumed that if something were presented in the media using phrases like “researchers report that…” or “study finds that…”, it was true. What I learned over

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The REC blog provides a bridge to understanding research and evaluation topics.

Demystifying Research and Evaluation

As an organizational leader, you could ask endless questions. How do you know that what you are doing is making a difference? What can you do better? Which programs are making the most significant impact? What should I do next? How can we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? Taking the time to answer your questions

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