Using Data To Make Decisions

Let Data Drive your Decisions

As technology has rapidly increased the ability to collect, store, and utilize data, the term “data-driven organization” has suddenly become a necessary priority. But what IS a data-driven organization and why does it matter? Does YOUR organization harness data to make decisions?

What is a Data-Driven Organization?

You might think that using data is reserved for the technology giants like Facebook and Twitter, but in reality, countless groups, including direct service providers, non-profits, and mission-focused organizations are taking advantage of this massive push towards collecting, storing, and using data. Moore (2010) nicely defines a data-driven organization as one that, “systematically uses data to inform and improve practice.” You can, and absolutely should, become a data-driven organization!

The Benefits of Being a Data-Driven Organization

Being Data-Driven During COVID-19

  • As the world adjusts to the “new normal,” your nonprofit will benefit by taking steps to become a data-driven non-profit now. Data about COVID variants continues to evolve day-to-day and relies upon accurate data from all over the world (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2021). 
  • COVID-19 realities offer real-world examples of making data-driven decisions, state-wide choices that likely affect your operations. In fact, U.S. states and countries across the world are functioning like data-driven organizations, constantly using COVID-19 and vaccination data to make decisions in an iterative fashion (Shirin, Ting Lin, & Sorrentino, 2021). 
  • Being a digitally mature and data driven organization has helped various non-profits succeed in their goals, such as fundraising, and corresponded with a higher confidence in engaging with audiences and volunteers through digital communication (Bierce, 2021)

Need Help with Your Data?

Becoming a data-driven organization can seem like a tall order and in many ways, it is. Proper planning from the start will make your journey much easier. Research Evaluation Consulting specializes in creating a data-driven plan that is suited to our client’s needs. We partner with our clients who bring their subject matter expertise and then we bring our experience in research and evaluation to help them measure impact. If you want more information or a 30-minute consultation, email us!


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